Just Dance

I am extremely happy to say that we have all actually sat down in the Sydney Opera House seats and watched a show. I never thought that I would be so fortunate to actually have the opportunity to do something as amazing as that!
Last night, after a day of walking through botanical gardens and seeing some memorials of fallen soldiers in the 100 degree heat, I sat in my hotel room contemplating what to wear to the Sydney Opera House. How fancy? How casual? Hair up? Hair down? It was quite a decision that other girls and i were making because its not just everyday we get to dress up for the Opera House!
We got to see a show called Blaze which consisted of a group of people dancing hiphop together on stage. But it wasn’t just any dance show- it was actually interactive! One guy on stage had us stand up and do the “atomic food” dance where we had to do a different dance move as we yelled good names such as beef, broccoli, chicken, ham, and more! Yes. I waved my behind to the audience while yelling “BEANS” in the Sydney Opera House.
At the end, all of the dancers had their own solo for a few seconds where their name was called and where they are from. I had no idea that the dance group consisted of people from all over the world! There was someone from Holland, Portugal, France, and even one from the USA! (Represent, whoot whoot!) I noticed that there was one girl who was from Australia and when her name was called the crowd went wild! I was told that Australia is very patriotic and that they love their home so it didn’t phase me when the loud screams erupted for Demi Sorono, who was actually on the show So You Think You Can Dance back in 2008!
It was such a great experience to see Blaze last night, and it was hilarious looking down the Elon row and watching the students dance to the “Atomic Food” song! Thank you Ray and Staci!



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