Australia’s Popularity in Film

Upon visiting Australia and exploring Sydney the past few days, it is easy to see why Australia can be popular in today’s film world. There are a few aspects of why this could be true apart from the scenery. Australia is a beautiful country full of a wide range of ecosystems depending on where they can choose to film. The film company can choose a the luscious forest and breathtaking view of the blue mountains or go coastal and shoot on the coast of Australia. The Sydney harbor area also is a beautiful place due to the atmosphere and architecture.

In addition to the scenery, a lot of famous Australian actors choose to shoot their movies in Australia to be close to home and help out the film industry. This can be seen recently with the Great Gatsby and various movies such as Mission Impossible 2 and the Matrix. While the actors might choose to work in Australia which will benefit the Australian society, this can also help bring more business if it is cheaper to shoot in Australia compared to other locations. However, recently, the Australian dollar is valued higher than the USD which has been making business harder for the Australian film industry. Not as many studios are likely to shoot then, even with the great accommodations that can be given at Fox Studios. The Australian government is likely to provide some support in an effort to deal with this issue though.

I would also argue that from a tourists perspective, Australia can be very popular in film. It is seen as a vacationers paradise. The culture and atmosphere make the capturing and use of Australia in film a popular one. The accents, the stereotypes and the appearances of Australian’s citizens also aid in the positive impact that Australia holds in the film industry.

-Joseph Bauer


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