In movies such as Ned Kelly and Crocodile Dundee the characters believe in equality between everyone with no one above or below another and I have seen this same quality in Australian people. No one seems put out or snobbish when we ask them inane tourist questions like directions or good restaurants. Everyone I have encountered, even if they were busy or with friends, have been willing to stop, answer questions, and even just talk to me. They are willing to spend a good bit of time just chatting and are very open and polite. They do not seem to consider visitors and tourists pests or inferior but instead are as happy to help them as I would be to help a good friend. Not only have I started conversations with locals but a surprising amount have started the conversations first. Quite a few people have asked me questions while we were eating at restaurants or just walking down the street which is different from back home where a lot of the time everyone seems to avoid other people and mind their own business. It’s a refreshing difference and I have enjoyed learning about the people here as I hope they enjoyed getting to know me! There is also a very relaxed atmosphere here in Australia that I similarly noticed in movies such as Crocodile Dundee and parts of Muriel’s Wedding. Once you get farther away from the city, and especially at the beaches, there are a lot of calm, quiet cafes with the people and waitstaff in casualwear where you can sit and have a nice meal. It’s a nice change from the hectic pace you can encounter in the city and am looking forward to enjoying it for a litttle while more!



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