Australian Stereotypes

From being in Sydney for a few days, I have noticed that the American stereotype of an Australian is incorrect. Walking around Sydney feels like walking around any other large American city. However, I am not from a large city, so others from New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles type cities may have a different view on this. The only real differences to me are: driving on the left side of the road and the statues and references to Britain and the Queen. It is interesting how Australia, or at least Sydney, feels like a young America due to its melting pot culture of English, Japanese, Chinese, Irish, and Greek. Most of the Australians I’ve encountered tend to act like tan English. Therefore, the stereotype of Australians seems to be false.

The Australian movie that gives America the stereotype of Australians is Crocodile Dundee. During this movie, Dundee travels to New York City after spending his life in the Australian outback. In the city, he doesn’t know how to ride an escalator, climbs street poles, and doesn’t understand lots of other city encounters. So far, I have not encountered any Australians who have acted this way. Once we visit places outside of a big city, the Australians may be different. But, so far, the stereotype Crocodile Dundee and other films have produced are false.

Clint Thomas


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