When I think of Australia, I think of hunky surfer dudes with pet kangaroos that wrestle crocodiles. However, I found that this is obviously far from true. The film Australia was one of my favorite films that I watched for this class. It was rich with history, directed by an Australian, and starred Australians. It gave a great look at aboriginal culture and connection to tradition and dreamtime. When walking around Circular Quay, we found aboriginals all painted and in customary clothing that were practically street performs to take pictures with and playing traditional instruments. Australia is using these stereotypes to their advantage and playing off them for tourist purposes and bringing in the money. The “surfer dudes” were definitely there in full force at the beach with lots of surfing at Bondi and Manly beach but with these spectacular beaches then I would be in the water everyday also. Also, to see kangaroos, we had to go all the way to Taronga zoo to see the native marsupials and a pin full of rabbits. After seeing the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, I expected to see rabbits and animals everywhere but the only wild animals I saw in Sydney were the beautifully colored birds. These stereotypes are a mixed batch of predictable and unexpected that I was prepared for through the films I watched.

-Ann Marie 🙂


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