Sydney Stereotypes

Sydney has gone above and beyond any previous expectation I had of the city before coming here. In the movies we watched for class before coming here a lot of them focused on the Australian Outback and didn’t take place in the heart of Sydney. Movies such as Priscilla Queen of the Desert showed brief glimpses of city life in Australia but no movie could do the city of Sydney enough justice to show its true beauty. A big stereotype that we had heard about in class is that Australians were not the most friendly people in the entire world and I can truly say that that is the most false statement now that I have been here. Australians are not self centered at all and are incredibly friendly as a matter of fact. If there is ever a time when you are lost, anyone in the entire city that speaks English at least, will gladly help you find your way. One thing I didn’t realize when coming here was how diverse this city is due to their massive tourism. In the films we watched only native Australians and Aboriginal Australians were shown but in Sydney there are people from all around the world. I have met people from England, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Sweden and many more! 

-Ryan Balick


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