What a beautiful country!

On our free day in Sydney, I decided that I wanted to do more than explore the city. Some friends and I packed up and took a bus out to Bondi Beach. We spent the morning swimming and lounging on the beach, but had a much more adventurous afternoon. After lunch, we walked along the coastal cliffs to two other beaches. The walk itself was magical. We stopped at numerous cliffs to dangle our feet over the edge and look down hundreds of feet at the beautiful blue oceans smashing against the rocks. At certain points, we could see three beaches at once. The water was so clear that I could see where rocks and patches of seaweed were among the vast ocean floor. We found a much smaller and less crowded beach full of locals lounging on rocks. After a quick dip, we walked further to another beach. This one was still less crowded and less industrial than Bondi. We decided to swim again. The waves were huge! The water was clear, and invigoratingly chilly. The combination of the undulating waves, the crisp water, the cool wind and the hot sun made me feel truly alive and free. It is no wonder that Australia is the home to many epic films. The landscape itself is so breathtaking that it can be a spiritual experience. There is a certain weight that the immense beauty brings to films; a sort of depth that cannot really be measured. 

Tara : )


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