Melbourne Street Art

Today I was absolutely blown away by the street art found among Melbourne’s tiniest nooks and crevices. Unlike here in the states where graffiti is a nuisance, street art is praised and welcomed among the Melbourne streets. The idea is that it brings cultural awareness and identity to the community and makes it more inviting to others.This art, known in our country as a form of graffiti, is bright, colorful, and inspirational. Each picture took on its own identity full of creativity and life. Much to my surprise, the street art in Melbourne is some of the most famous and well-known palates in the world. In a select few back alleyways there are spaces for street artists to express their imaginations and paint something filled with substance and beauty. The content of these works ranges from detailed portraits to cartoonish figurine images. These works are so popular here that the government will often send a street artist to paint an old building or a new restaurant, in a way as to liven up the scenery and bring people into the city. Much like the Australian film productions of “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” and “Muriel’s Wedding” these street creations portray the quirkier side of life, full of mystery, excitement, and entertainment. The street work is often on the rather controversial and nonconventional side and because of this, the content is not always understandable or relatable to the viewer. I believe that the interpretation of the film or piece of art is the main point. This is because in these often abstract and nonconventional works, we create meaning and identity that is personal to each one of us. Each person walks away from the viewing of a film or piece of art with a different perspective on what the piece was about, which is what makes the creative side of film and art so interesting.

-Kacy Nichols

DSCN0570 DSCN0540 DSCN0517


One thought on “Melbourne Street Art

  1. great stuff! interesting photos! keep on roling! the aproach to street art is much better in melbourne than in any other city in the world! at least as far as i know!bernard eisenbeis

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