Mexican Food

I can remember several times on this trip in which certain individuals have succumbed to the cravings of Mexican food. So the search began several times in hopes to finding something south of the border. One thing we seemed to realize very quickly, is that it didn’t take too long to find one. In fact, it didn’t take long to find any restaurant of particular specialty that we wanted. All around us were numerous places to go filled with different cultured cuisines like Asian, Indian, Mediterranean, and mexican just too name a few.

Australia, Melbourne in particular, is home to a huge variety of culture and if you din’t know that from a historical perspective, the food selection could tell you that almost immediately. Much like the USA, Australia uses this melting pot phenomenon as a selling point for people around the world to come and enjoy a society of many different races and cultures. That is something I have particularly enjoyed experiencing on my trip so far in Australia.
– Brian B


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