A day trip to Yarra Valley

Our class visited an animal sanctuary in the Yarra Valley where we saw a bird show, had an opportunity to enter the koala or kangaroo exhibit, and saw numerous other native animal species. I saw koalas, kangaroos, birds, dingos, Tasmanian devils, emus, a wallaby, rodents and many other species.
My favorite experience from our day in Yarra Valley was feeding the kangaroos. I was very surprised that they weren’t bigger. I think movies such as Kangaroo Jack perceive them as being much bigger animals. Kangaroos are very common in the Australian wilderness, which makes them comparable to deer in the United States since people eat them. I learned that kangaroos are very friendly, docile, and have unique personalities.
After leaving the animal sanctuary, we traveled to a winery where we had lunch while overlooking a field of grape vines. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. We tasted several different wines and learned about each of them and how they all differ. After we left the vineyard, we went to a chocolate store that had free samples. The chocolate was delicious, and there was a glass room where we could watch the workers making the candies.
After these three wonderful experiences, I have concluded that the Yarra Valley is a wonderful place to visit, and I would recommend others to visit it if they have the chance to. -Mallory Owens


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