After discussing prominent Australian films in class, it was very interesting to learn about the progression of the film industry through their point of view. The Story of the Kelly Gang was described as one of the biggest risks in film because it was the first full length feature film. This risk really paid off and it set the Australian film industry in motion, however it also brought on fears of corrupting children. By 1912, Bushranger films were banned because it was said they glorified Australia’s convict heritage. I find it fascinating that Australians shame about their heritage is continuously brought up. After learning about the history of film, we ventured down to the bottom floor of ACMI to see more modern film projects. I’m not a huge film buff myself but it was very interesting to see such progressive projects from such a small country. One that particularly stood out to me was called “Him & Her”. It was a mash up of clips from different movies by two actors. The clips were meshed together so it sounded like a conversation between the different movie characters on 7 different screens. The more we learn about Australian film on this trip, the more depth I’m realizing there is. The films are not only about Aboriginals or their convict heritage, but are becoming more creative and unique as well.
ACMI also had a very cool section on special effects. There was one room in particular that had figurines in slightly different positions but when the structure moved around with a strobe light on, all the figurines looked as though they were dancing around. It was a very cool representation of how special effects work! I didn’t realize Australia had so many animated films and shows but there was a whole section of the floor dedicated to Australian animation. I didn’t recognize any of them but it was very neat to see all the sketches!


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