Australian Open

I am honestly not a huge sports fan. Watching it just doesn’t really capture my attention- I like to be the player on the field or court running up and down, scoring goals and hitting balls. When I found out that the Australian Open was happening while we were in Melbourne, I didn’t get as excited as other people on the trip because tennis isn’t exactly fun to me.
However, I did buy a ticket and go with my fellow classmates, and because of that I must retract my above statement. We walked around to the different courts and it was actually very neat to see so many people come together for such a great sport. We all went to the USA court where Mr. Williams was playing and watched him for almost his whole match. Let me just say, he was very pleasing on everyone’s eyes! I actually got into the game as he was winning points- I did have to keep asking why they were switching sides and what was considered “out”.

The best part about the Open? Free wifi! I took many pictures and was able to immediately put them on Instagram and tagged #ausopen because I am such a social media finatic!



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