Underwater Adventure

   The Great Barrier Reef is the only living system that can be viewed from outer space. This fact amazes me every time I think of it because I was able to view the Great Barrier Reef through the use of a snorkel. I have been snorkeling before, but I have never seen such an immense variety of fish and coral at once. The floating platform called Marine World served as a meeting point for activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and eating. I thought this was such a neat concept because I originally thought that we would take a boat to the Great Barrier Reef and jump off the boat and snorkel, but that simply was not the case. Marine World is such a unique and creative concept and I am glad that I received the opportunity to visit it as well as snorkel at the reef. 
     In times like these, you realize how fortunate we are to be able to participate in these  activities. Very few United States citizens will have the opportunity to view the Great Barrier Reef firsthand and as college students we have already been blessed with that experience. People say that going abroad teaches you more than you would ever learn in class. At first I did not believe this statement, but after some reflection I think going abroad helps teach us about ourselves as well as other culture. It is an experience unlike any other and I feel more than fortunate to be on this trip that has provided me with so many diverse and memorable activities. I fundamentally believe that hands on learning and experience is the best way of learning and I believe this study abroad trip has taught me a great deal of information. I am thankful I participated in this trip prior to graduation. I feel it has enriched my college experience. 
(Liz Feindel)

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