Dancing through tradition

A culture so rich and full of tradition is something that is very hard to fully grasp through pictures in a text book. My first taste of this study abroad course was to research about indigenous life for a group project. It was a fascinating experience to see these unique people in real life after learning so much about them on my own. The dance show was so oddly expressive that it truly shows story telling as an art form. From the sounds of the didgeridoo and clap sticks to the stomps and yells, the creative expression of thousands was before us, as they opened up the stories of their people to keep tradition alive and in hopes of passing this inspirational sense of what home really is to us. So many have an idea in their head of what savage aboriginals are like but I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn more about these people first hand and not just from their spiritual depiction found in the movie Australia, which I believe is the film that accurately depicts their nature connection. In the movie, Nala, a young aboriginal boy, stops a heard of cattle from falling off a cliff just by using their unspoken bond. The stories that were presented to us through the dances all honored the connection with native animals and the bush. Seeing this made what seemed to be absolutely ridiculous scene in the movie more believable. This experience was truly unique and I am beyond glad that I was able to experience another culture in their element.

-Ann Marie 🙂


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