Emily Bishop

After skydiving was cancelled due to poor weather conditions, Ali and I decided to ask around about activities to do on a rainy day. One lady suggested ATVing, so we signed ourselves up. Once we realized we were going to get filthy since it would be muddy and rainy, we wanted to find some cheap shoes to ruin and then just throw out. We began walking up and down the strip and looking in almost every store for cheap shoes.

It took us about 20 minutes and a few questions to the locals, until we figured out there was a Target a few blocks up. We were oddly excited about there being a Target in Cairns. It was just nice to have something so familiar and American even though we are halfway around the world.

The man that shuttled us from the hotel to the ATV park had actually been to the US a bunch of times. He joked about the pronunciation of New York and told us there was a Melbourne in Florida! The locals in Cairns were always very friendly and happy to help whenever we had questions or needed directions.


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