The highlight of my trip to Cairns was being able to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef. The class as a whole took a trip via a large catamaran to a facility floating in the middle of the reef. The blue sky and clear water could be seen for miles; minus a few rain clouds out in the distance. 
As we traveled to the dock facility where we would be spending the day, the captain went over the many options that were available during the day. There was scuba diving, snorkeling, massages, glass bottom boat tours and many other relaxing and exciting things. One of the higher priced but obviously exciting was the helicopter tour available. This ride would take you above the reef and around the reef to various locations where pictures could be taken that look like they come out national geographic. 
I signed up for the scuba diving and couldn’t have been more excited. I have been a certified diver for over 7 years and any diver I asked where the most amazing dives they have experienced say the Great Barrier Reef is by far the most beautiful. I strapped on the gear, checked the oxygen tanks and jumped in the ideal temperature of the ocean. The scenery was beautiful everywhere I looked. There was coral shelves everywhere you looked with fish and various creatures and plant life everywhere. There were stingrays, reef sharks, parrot fish and plenty of other beautiful sites. The 37 minute dive flew by. You are in your own calming and relaxing world when you scuba dive. You can escape the pressures and worries of everyday life and relax and take in the beauty of the multicolored sea life that surrounds you. 
After finishing the diving adventure, everyone was snorkeling around the dock. There were fish everywhere and one in particular that was very keen on being the center of attention. You could pet and hold this giant parrot fish as he calmly swims around all the snorkelers. 
The day was full of relaxation and sunshine. I was able to scuba dive in the number one rated dive locations in the world and snorkel amongst my many class mates. It is definitely a day that I will never forget.
Joe Bauer

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