Cairns is more or less a tourist trap. People don’t really live there unless they work at the hotels, restaurants or harbor. Still, the town has a plethora of rich culture. There are multiple art museums, a night market and theatres. The locals are kind and friendly. They are aware of the tourist trap, but love it still and help everyone with a smile. Even in the humid rainforest air, people are outside running, biking and enjoying life. There is tons to do in the Cairns area! There’s the reef, the rainforest, the beaches, the trees, skydiving, whitewater rafting, bungy jumping, zip lining and more. It has a much different feel than the rest of Australia. It feels more like Hawaii than Australia. It’s very laid back and relaxed but not outrageously expensive. The city is more the main hub of the entire area instead of the main attraction, like Sydney or Melbourne. However, we were told that we were in low tourist season for the region. I wonder what it was be like when bustling and busy in the height of tourist season.

Tara : )


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