Didgeridoos, boomerangs and more…typical day of class, right?

One of the main focuses of this course was the culture of Australia and New Zealand. The aboriginal people of New Zealand are still alive and well and it showed when we visited Tjapukai, the aboriginal village in Cairns.

The people at Tjapukai work to help the traditions and ways of the aboriginals spread into the minds of others. According to our tour guide, the one in every ten people you see on the street are of aboriginal decent. We learned about their weapons, how to throw spears and boomerangs, as well as learning the techniques of playing the didgeridoo.

The people also showed us dances of the tribe and other things about their culture that we could only really appreciate seeing first hand.

It’s probably a bad reference, but it really reminded me of Avatar. I know Avatar had nothing to do with Australia, but it was finished by James Cameron and company in nearby New Zealand, so that’s the reason it reminded me of that particular movie. The people had their own way of doing things; their own language.

This was a very cool experience to me. We got to throw their weapons with the proper training. We had our faced painted in aboriginal patterns. It was a very rewarding experience to see first hand instead of in a classroom.

-Andrew Wilson


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