Maori vs. Aboriginal

On our first day in Wellington, we went to the museum Te Papa. It consisted of six floors that were all devoted to Maori culture and general culture of New Zealand. It was a great first place to go because of all the information that we could absorb on the first day. The main thing about the Maori that I picked up on at Te Papa that was different from the Aboriginals of Australia was that the Maori were willing to fight for their land. They felt it was their duty to protect it from the settlers that had arrived. Secondly, the Maori people are a very intimidating group. The facial tattoos and the scary intimidation looks that they give before battle are very challenging. I would definitely not want to mess with them. If I was a settler that had just arrived in New Zealand and came upon a Maori tribe I would be very hesitant to challenge them in anything.

         Something that I thought was really cool that I found at the Te Papa was the greenstone. It is like a trademark New Zealand thing to have a greenstone necklace or other piece of jewelry. Supposedly, you are supposed to give someone a greenstone piece as a gift. Our tour guide explained that to us. I thought it was a really unique thing that you could only get in New Zealand.  – Caroline Anderson


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