The Lord of the RIngs

One of the reasons I signed up for this trip was so I could visit New Zealand and go on the Lord of the Rings tour; it was something I had been looking forward to the whole trip. The excursion across Wellington started at the Weta Cave which helped do the digital effects and special effects in The Lord of the Rings movies and The Hobbit. This was the best part of the tour for me because I think it is fascinating how people can dream up such beautiful castles and designs while also creating horrible, terrifying monsters like the Orcs. Not only are they incredibly gifted and talented but they are able to make these things on the computer and put it into a movie so that it looks incredibly real. I think one of the best parts of digital effects and what the Weta Cave does is that when it is done right, the creatures and places they make look so real that it helps make the movie more real and transport the viewer to another world. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror are my three favorite genres whether it is books, movies, or television and while the bad, cheesy special effects can be entertaining, it is the incredible realness of it all that helps transport me to that world and become invested in the characters. I only wish we could have gone on the Window into the Workshop tour because I think that would have allowed us an even deeper look into what goes on at Weta. Nevertheless, it was a great tour and something I will always remember on this trip. 



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