Tourism in Cairns

Cairns, Australia does not even feel like Australia after spending time in Sydney and Melbourne. It is not a huge city with a New York City type feel, but rather a small town built purely for tourists. It contained the strip of beachfront restaurants where visitors can sit outside and enjoy the humid climate. Unlike our first two cities, Cairns has an extremely small population of around 200,000. Due to this, I believe that Cairns contains the largest percentage of tourism against its population. Melbourne and Sydney were cities full of Australians and tourists, but Cairns was just full of tourists.

Cairns is such a popular destination for tourists due to its location. It is located near the Great Barrier Reef which is a worldly landmark. Furthermore, it is much closer to Asia and is warmer than Melbourne and Sydney. Therefore, it attracts many Asian visitors during the northern hemisphere winter. As a result, Cairns serves as a Caribbean, for the United States, for Asia. Then, Sydney and Melbourne are the two largest cities which, obviously, attract lots of visitors. But, these two cities can function without tourists. Where, I believe, Cairns cannot.

Clint Thomas


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