Aboriginals vs Maori

When looking at the various differences between the Aboriginals of Australia and the Maori people of New Zealand, there are many similarities and differences.  The first difference is the way the people of each countries react to the native populations. The Maori people are held in a higher respect and are even feared in the New Zealand culture. When the original settlers who came to New Zealand were not easygoing able to conquer the Maori people. This is turn led to the Europeans earning respect for the Maori and not walking all over them like the sure and did for the Aboriginals. The Maori are seen as a more primitive culture that adopted the rainforest nature of the land. They use tribal tattoos to signify points in their life, which also intimidated visitors. Their weapons were a lot more barbaric than the aboriginals that consisted of the teeth of local hunters. 

The aboriginal people, in comparison, to the Maori people, were not treated with as much respect. The European settlers came to Australia and took advantage of the generous aboriginals. A lot of natives were killed and they were treated lower than dirt. The notion of e aboriginals today have to aspects. There is the appearance the aboriginals have with the native Australians. They see the aboriginals as primitive drunks and most have a strong dislike to them. This differs from the respect given to the Maori people.  The aboriginals have pride in their people and heritage  just like the Maori people. They look to keep the traditions and language alive while educating the people of today of their ancestors. 
Joe Bauer



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