Maori vs. Aboriginese

These two indigenous cultures to Australia and New Zealand no doubt have many similarities that link them together, but also a few very important differences that have led to the life they each live today. They both rely on very archaic lifestyles and have doen so for thousands of years, thus have distinguished themselves significantly from the european colonists that show up. That is when their stories differ, the aborigines were treated much harsher basically leading to genocide. Meanwhile, the New Zealand natives and the european colonists wrote up a treaty that took the place of violence but doesn’t ignore the fact that the Maori received a worse off part of the deal. However, as far as the progression of time goes, Maori principles and culture was respected by the colonists while the attempt was made to “breed out” the aborigines in Australia. Despite being treated very differently, they are relatively similar types of people in that they use song and dance to display their culture and seem to live off the land in environments where the colonists would not. I don’t recall seeing any of the indigenous populations in the actual cities we visited but from what i’ve heard, both have found a way to develop in the cities alongside the europeans and to an extent live peacefully together.
– Brian


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