The ACMI Experience

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, or ACMI as it’s unfortunately abbreviated, was mind-blowing. When Staci and Ray told us we had three hours to peruse its two-story exhibit, I thought that was about two hours too long. Two hours later, I had only covered about half of the first floor.

I couldn’t pass by a single display without becoming completely absorbed by it. And I was trying very hard not to be, since there was so much to see and I had “only” three hours. There was the Matrix simulator, where you went into a small, dome-shaped space and could have your movements recorded in the style that made this trilogy famous. I had a video of myself doing a Trinity-like jump sent to me via email and will graciously share it with you below.

The next floor was entirely dedicated to the work of Candice Breitz. This woman is a genius, and I can’t believe this was the first time I had heard of her. My favorite work of hers was a Michael Jackson fan exhibit, where she brought in sixteen of the biggest Jackson fans in the world, and videotaped them singing the entire Thriller album individually. Then she synched them all up, silenced the background music, and displayed them on separate screens side-by-side, singing the songs acoustically. I watched three songs in a row and could have watched the entire album if my three hours hadn’t come to an end.

But unfortunately, as things tend to do, it did come to an end, and all I have left now are my memories and this awesome video of myself.

This day also in the running for best day yet

-Karl Lucas


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