Maoris vs Aboriginals

The indigenous tribes of people in Australia are referred to as aboriginals,  while the indigenous or native population of New Zealand is the Maori.  Although Maoris may be viewed as aboriginals, after visiting both Australia and New Zealand i realized there are several differences  between them especially pertaining to language and culture. 
I learned that Maoris take pride in their Maori language, and their traditions of tattoos and other cultural practices that are still widely practiced today.  Maori culture was more prominent in New Zealand society than Aboriginal culture was in Australian society. For example, Maori is an official language of New Zealand. I learned that it’s even taught to children  in schools. New Zealand also has a  Maori war dance that is performed before rugby games.
It was interesting to observe these cultural differences when visiting both countries. The Maori culture still plays a huge role in New Zealand, but the Aboriginal culture is still observed and studied amongst all visitors, tourists, and students who want to gain incite about Australia’s roots. At the Te Papa museum there was an exhibit on the Maori people filled with memorabilia. There seemed to be a much greater appreciation of the Maori people in New Zealand then there was about the Aboriginals in Australia. 
-Sara Marsh

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