Maori vs. Aboriginals

When roaming around Wellington, I was shocked to see the difference between New Zealand’s treatment of the Maori verse Australia’s treatment of Aboriginals.  The Aboriginals seemed to be ignored by Australian culture, whereas the Maori are accepted in New Zealand culture.  From talking to New Zealanders, this stems from the Maori culture of war.  The British respect Maori due to their passion for defending their land against the British.  One instance where is proves true is the Te Papa Museum.  All the writing in the museum was in English as well as Maori.  Furthermore, the museum contains a whole section dedicated to Maori culture as well as the treaty created in 1840 between the Maori leaders and England.  Furthermore, I saw more Maori in one day in Wellington than I did in all of Australia.  I mostly noticed them along the waterfront jumping into the water (Wellington had a structure set up where anyone could freely jump into the water and climb ladders back to the pier).  It was amazing to notice how much bigger the Maori were than other New Zealanders.  A final example of the Maori being accepted into New Zealand is how the Maori contain their own political party.  They have multiple seats in Parliament and have a say in the government.  Moreover, they have rooms in Parliament designed with Maori art.  However, our Parliament tour guide did make some jokes at the Maori expense, mainly about how they require 100% approval instead of purely majority.  But, overall, the Maori are accepted unlike the Aboriginals.

Clint Thomas


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