What is Wellington?

Wellington is an extremely different city from any other I have seen.  Ranging from its weather, landscape, and culture, Wellington is truly unique.  During our four day stay, each one provided a different weather experience.  The first day, Monday, was overcast and windy with the temperature around 65°F.  The next day, was clear, sunny, and in the high 80s.  Our final day was a brisk 50°F with blowing rain.  Therefore, every day created a different experience when roaming the city, as long as I remembered to check the weather before leaving the hotel.

Furthermore, Wellington is located on the water on the southern tip of the north island.  Opposite of the water, Wellington is surrounded by mountains, most notably Mount Victoria.  The suburbs of Wellington are located in these hills and mountains.  Seeing and being in these hills gives Wellington a Mediterranean-type feel of a Greece or Italy.  This is due to the clear water and rolling green hills.  However, downtown Wellington gives off a completely different vibe.  Even parts of downtown felt different from each other.  Cuba Street feels alternative and skater-like; whereas, Lambton Quay has a business and rich vibe.  I, and several other students, felt that Wellington compares to a Seattle or San Francisco.

Clint Thomas


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