Our visit to Cairns was extremely fast. The Internet was very difficult to use and didn’t work most of the time. Again, I apologize for not posting more regularly about what the class has been doing.

The first night we were in Cairns, we had an amazing dinner all together out in the rain forest. It was better than any of us could have expected. We ate kangaroo, crocodile, beef, trout, crab and more. It was a wonderful first night and a good time for us all to be together!

The second day we were in Cairns we took a bus to a nearby Aboriginal community. Here we were taught how to throw spears, boomerangs, painted rocks, watched an aboriginal dance and music. It was a culture-filled day.

The third day we were in Cairns we visited the Great Barrier Reef! Oh what a beautiful day. The snorkeling was beyond words and the day was amazing.

The class did many different things on our free day in Cairns. It was our first day of bad weather, so it limited what we could all do.

Please make sure you are keeping up with the Class Adventures page. This is where you will read first-hand what the students are learning, observing and experiencing!!

We arrived safely to Cairns from Melbourne on Wednesday, January 16th.


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