Welcome to our Class Blog…

Throughout the month of January, we will be traveling through different cities in Australia and New Zealand. Please feel free to follow our travels and keep track of what the students will be learning, observing and experiencing while traveling abroad. Above you will find links to each of the cities we will be visiting in Australia and New Zealand. Click on the link to find postings from the students and faculty throughout their travels.

The class description is as follows: Australia and New Zealand have unique histories and cultures.  The history of Australia is marked by its founding as a British penal colony, a rich military tradition, controversial treatment of Aboriginal people and the distinctiveness of its flora and fauna. All these elements have shaped an exceptional continental country.  Australian and New Zealand cinema have chronicled their history, but (as cinema tends to do) have created a mythology that is often divergent from the factual record.  One main component of this course will be to examine the histories and cultures of Australia and New Zealand from books, primary sources, secondary sources, presentations and research to compare the film mythology to the reality of modern Australian and New Zealand life. This approach will require students to think critically about the films and give them a framework for their observations in Australia and New Zealand.  Each student will choose a topic that is prevalent in Australian and New Zealand film. To develop a full understanding of their chosen topic, they will view appropriate films, conduct in-depth research and combine these with their personal observations and research while traveling in Australia and New Zealand.

Make sure you check out the other pages for updates from the students and a day by day account of what we are doing while in Australia and New Zealand!


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